Blueprint Configsets

Blueprint configsets are added by blueprints. This allows blueprint to prepackaged configsets, so you don’t have to worry about adding them to your project configs/BLUEPRINT/configsets files.


The blueprint specifies configsets to use in its config/configsets.rb file. Example:



This means the ec2 blueprint will use the httpd configset to install and run the httpd server.

List Blueprint Configsets

Use the lono configsets BLUEPRINT command to see what configsets the blueprint will use.

$ lono configsets ec2
Configsets used by ec2 blueprint:
| Name  |         Path         |  Type   |  From   |
| httpd | app/configsets/httpd | project | project |

Blueprint Configset Lookup Precedence

The blueprint configset code can be in different locations. It’s similar to how LOAD_PATH works. The search order for these locations are:

  1. BLUEPRINT/app/configsets - prepackaged with the blueprint
  2. PROJECT/vendor/configsets - vendorized configset, provides you control over the configset
  3. PROJECT/Gemfile - configets as gems, provides you control over the configset
  4. MATERIALIZED - materialized as gems. lono downloads and “materializes” the configset if necessary.

This allows blueprint configsets to be overrideable and provides you with more control if necessary.

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