Lono Seed

For each blueprint and CloudFormation template, you will usually need to setup some configs. Lono has a lono seed command that generates starter configs values.

  • The starter values for params are determined by the template definition itself.
  • The starter values for variables are determined by the blueprint’s seed/configs.rb, usually written by the author.


The general form is:

lono seed BLUEPRINT

Seed Example

Here’s an example using lono seed.

$ lono seed ecs-asg
Creating starter config files for ecs-asg
Starter params created:    configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt
$ cat configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt
# Required parameters:
# Optional parameters:
# InstanceType=m5.large
# KeyName=...
# SshLocation=...
# TagName=ecs-asg

The configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt file is conveniently generated for you. Depending on the blueprint, a configs/ecs-asg/variables/development.rb will also be generated.

Also, different LONO_ENV will generate corresponding configs. For example, LONO_ENV=production will generate configs/ecs-asg/params/production.txt.


If you are authoring your own seed/configs.rb, the general structure looks like this:

class Lono::Seed::Configs < Lono::Seed::Base
  # Template for variables
  def variables

Remember to document how to use lono seed in the README.md of your blueprint.

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