Lono Seed

For each blueprint and CloudFormation template, you will usually need to set up some configs. To help with this, Lono has a lono seed command that generates starter configs values.

  • The starter values for params are determined by the template definition itself.
  • The starter values for variables are determined by the blueprint’s seed/configs.rb, usually written by the author.


The general form is:

lono seed BLUEPRINT

Seed Example

Here’s an example using lono seed.

$ lono seed ecs-asg
Creating starter config files for ecs-asg
Starter params created:    configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt
$ cat configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt
# Required parameters:
# Optional parameters:
# InstanceType=m5.large
# KeyName=...
# SshLocation=...
# TagName=ecs-asg

The configs/ecs-asg/params/development.txt file is conveniently generated for you. Depending on the blueprint, a configs/ecs-asg/variables/development.rb will also be generated.

Also, different LONO_ENV will generate corresponding configs. For example, LONO_ENV=production will generate configs/ecs-asg/params/production.txt.



As mentioned, the parameter starter values are inferred from the template definition itself. Not only is the parameter list derived from the template, example values are also parsed from the Description attribute. Anything after the IE: or Example: text will be used as the starter parameter value. Here’s an example:

parameter("Subnets", Description: "Subnets in the VPC. Example: subnet-111,subnet-222 # at least 2 subnets required")

The lono seed command will generate this:

Subnets=subnet-111,subnet-222 # at least 2 subnets required

The code self-documents the starter parameters!


The variables starter file is generated based on the seed/configs.rb file in the blueprint. The general structure looks like this:

class Lono::Seed::Configs < Lono::Seed::Base
  # Template for variables
  def variables
      @variable1 = value1
      @variable2 = value2

Remember to document how to use lono seed in the README.md of your blueprint.

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