Stack Name Suffix

The stack_name_suffix is an option to help with a development workflow. When working with CloudFormation templates and developing the source code, we must often launch stacks repeatedly as we fine tune the stack. Since we cannot launch a stack with a duplicate name it is useful to use a command like this:

lono cfn create demo-$(date +%s) --blueprint demo

Lono can automatically add a random string to the end of the stack name but use the template name without the random string. The stack_name_suffix random option automates this. So we can create multiple stacks with different names but the same source template rapidly. We can create multiple stacks in rapid-fire fashion and debug. When the option is set to random:

lono cfn create demo

Will create a “demo-[RANDOM]” using the demo template name. The random string is a short 3 character string.

If you prefer not to use a random suffix. You can specify the suffix with the exact name. The value ‘random’ is treated specially. Example without random suffix:

lono cfn create demo --suffix 2
lono cfn update demo-2 --suffix 2 # --suffix 2 so '-2' gets removed for the template name
lono cfn update demo-2 --blueprint demo # also works

For non-random suffixes the a natural flow might be to use lono current so you don’t have to remember to type –suffix 2. Example:

lono cfn current --suffix 2
lono cfn create demo
lono cfn update demo-2

More info about lono current is available at the Lono Current docs

NOTE: The suffix feature is deprecated and will be removed in future.

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