Configs are how you can customize the blueprints to fit your needs. There are two main types of configs: Params docs and Variables docs. Params allow you to affect the templates at run-time. Variables configs allow you to affect the templates at compile-time.


The configs files are located at the top-level of your lono project, outside of the blueprints themselves. Example:

├── ec2
│   └── params
│       ├── development.txt
│       └── production.txt
└── ecs-spot
    ├── params
    │   ├── development.txt
    │   └── production.txt
    └── variables
        ├── development.rb
        └── production.rb

Param Files

Params are configs that you define to affect how the templates behave at runtime. Param files provide a simple way of building parameters for CloudFormation templates. The param files use a simple key=value format like env files. The params are defined in the params folder. More information on param files is available on the Params docs.

Shared Variables

Shared Variables are configs that you define to affect how the templates are generated at compile-time. Shared variables are available to all templates, helpers, and parameters. The variables are defined in the configs/BLUEPRINT/variables folder. The variable configuration component is covered in detailed at the Shared Variables docs.

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