App Files

If you already have pre-existing files like zip files that need to be uploaded to s3, you can put them in app/files. When the s3_folder option is configured in settings.yml the files in app/files automatically get uploaded as part of the lono cfn commands. The files get uploaded to [S3_FOLDER]/[LONO_ENV]/app/files. For example, given a file in app/files/ and these settings:

    default: s3://my-bucket/cloudformation

Example of how the file will upload to s3:

Local path S3 path
app/files/ s3://my-bucket/cloudformation/development/files/

Notice the 0719ab81 is the md5 sum of the file. This is added automatically beause it is useful if you are uploading the file to be used as a lambda function in a CloudFormation Lambda resource. You can refer to the file with the file_s3_key("lambda-function") built-in helper.

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