Extension Structure

Here’s an example lono extension structure:

├── lib
│   ├── my_extension
│   │   ├── helpers
│   │   └── version.rb
│   └── my_extension.rb
└── my_extension.gemspec
File Description Required?
helpers The folder where you define helpers and extend the extension DSL. optional
my_extension.gemspec A standard gemspec definition. Configure things like name and author. required

lono extension new

A quick way create a project extension is with the lono extension new command. It will generate a skeleton extension structure in app/extensions.

$ lono extension new ec2_extension
=> Creating new extension called ec2_extension.
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/ec2_extension.gemspec
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/.gitignore
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/.rspec
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/CHANGELOG.md
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/Gemfile
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/Rakefile
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/helpers/mappings.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/helpers/outputs.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/helpers/parameters.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/helpers/resources/resource.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/helpers/variables.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/lib/ec2_extension/version.rb
      create  app/extensions/ec2_extension/spec/spec_helper.rb

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