Upgrading Guide

Upgrading Lono to some releases may require some extra changes. For example, the Lono project structure can change between major versions. This page provides a summary of the releases requiring some upgrade work.

Upgrading Summary

The following table summarizes the releases and upgrade paths.

Version Notes Upgrade Command
5.0 Major project structural changes to introduce blueprints concept lono upgrade v4to5
4.2 Change settings.yml structure. lono upgrade v3to4_2
4.0 Major project structural changes to better organize app folder lono upgrade v3to4

Though the upgrade commands are designed to be idempotent and should be safe to run, you should create a backup of the project before running them. You run the upgrade command from within your lono project.

Upgrade Details

The following section provides a little more detail on each version upgrade. Note, not all versions required more details.


Major structural changes were made with v5. The standalone lono project in v4 is essentially a blueprint is v5. When you run the lono upgrade v4to5:

  • It moves all the files in the current lono project folder to a newly created blueprints/main folder.
  • It also moves the previous config/params and config/variables to a top-level configs/main folder.

The lono upgrade v4to5 updates the structure to it’s best ability. It cannot completely infer the new configs structure. You will likely need to do some restructuring of the params files in configs/main since params lookup in v5 is more powerful. Refer to the Lookup Precedence Params docs.

Pro tip: Use the <- and -> arrow keys to move back and forward.

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