Import Template

Lono provides a lono import command to spare you from manually having to convert a standard CloudFormation template into a lono CloudFormation template. Usage:

$ lono import --name ec2
=> Imported CloudFormation template and lono-fied it.
Template definition added to app/definitions/base.rb
Params file created to config/params/base/ec2.txt
Template downloaded to app/templates/ec2.yml
=> CloudFormation Template Summary:
  KeyName (AWS::EC2::KeyPair::KeyName)
  InstanceType (String) Default: t2.small
  SSHLocation (String) Default:
  1 AWS::EC2::Instance
  1 AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
  2 Total
Here are contents of the params config/params/base/ec2.txt file:
#InstanceType=        # optional
#SSHLocation=         # optional

You can also specify standard file paths:

lono import path/to/template

The command downloads the template to templates folder, converts it into YAML, and declares a new template definition in app/definitions/base.rb.

You can lono generate immediately after the lono import command to generate a template in the output/templates folder.

lono generate

This blog post Introducing the lono import Command also covers lono import.

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