Configsets Layering Support

Intro: Common Layers

Configsets support layering for the configs/demo/configsets folder. Configsets files are layered if they exist.

  • base.rb is always evaluated.
  • development.rb or production.rb is evaluated based on LONO_ENV.

Let’s say you have the following configsets directory structure:

├── base.rb
├── development.rb
└── production.rb

In this case, you want to define your common configsets used for templates in the base.rb. Specific environment overrides can be defined in their respective LONO_ENV configsets file. For example, let’s say we’re setting the min and max size of an autoscaling group. We could have something like this:


configset("cfn-hup", resource: "Instance")


configset("httpd", resource: "Instance")

Lono will always use the cfn-hup configset, but only the httpd for the production environment.

Full Layering: Conventional Requested

The conventional locations are layered similiarly to how Params and Variables work.

Pro tip: Use the <- and -> arrow keys to move back and forward.

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