lono sets

Lono supports CloudFormation stack sets. This allows you to deploy stacks to multiple accounts and regions.

Commands Summary

The main commands for stack sets are:

lono sets deploy
lono set_instances sync

The lono sets deploy command deploys the stack set. You then use the lono set_instances sync command to add or remove stack instances.


First, deploy a stack set.

lono sets deploy my-set --blueprint demo

Then configure the accounts and regions to add stacks instances. You can do this with the configs files.





Use lono set_instances sync command to add the stack instances to the accounts and regions.

lono set_instances sync my-set --blueprint demo

If you remove regions from the configs and rerun it, the sync command will calculate and remove the stack instances appropriately.

If you need to update the stack set main template itself. Uour blueprint and use lono sets deploy. This deploys you changes to all the stack instances. Example:

lono sets deploy my-set --blueprint demo

Note: the lono sets deploy will not sync stack instances. It only deploys to the current associated stack instances. To sync stack instances, you must explicitly use the lono set_instances sync command.

Deleting Stack Sets

To delete a stack set, you must first delete all the stack instances associated with the set. Then you can delete the stack set. Here’s an example

lono set_instances delete my-set --all
lono sets delete my-set

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