lono cfn deploy


lono cfn deploy STACK


Create or update a CloudFormation stack using the generated template.

The cfn deploy command figures out whether or not it should perform a stack create or update. It delegates to cfn create or cfn update. This saves you from thinking about it


Provided that you are in a lono project and have a demo lono blueprint that contains a demo template. To create a stack you can run:

lono cfn deploy demo

The above command will generate:

  • template: output/demo/templates/demo.yml
  • parameters: output/demo/params/development.json


By convention, the blueprint name is the same as the stack name. In turn, template name is the same as the blueprint name. Lastly, the param name will match the stack name unless it’s explicitly specified with --config or --param.

Often you want to create a stack name that is different from the blueprint name. Here’s an example of overriding the blueprint name.

lono cfn deploy my-stack --blueprint demo


    [--notification-arns=one two three]              # The Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic ARNs to publish stack related events.
    [--rollback], [--no-rollback]                    # rollback
                                                     # Default: true
    [--source=SOURCE]                                # url or path to file with template
    [--blueprint=BLUEPRINT]                          # override convention and specify the template file to use
    [--capabilities=one two three]                   # iam capabilities. Ex: CAPABILITY_IAM, CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM
c, [--config=CONFIG]                                 # override convention and specify both the param and variable file to use
    [--iam], [--no-iam]                              # Shortcut for common IAM capabilities: CAPABILITY_IAM, CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM
p, [--param=PARAM]                                   # override convention and specify the param file to use
    [--tags=key:value]                               # Tags for the stack. IE: Name:api-web Owner:bob
    [--template=TEMPLATE]                            # override convention and specify the template file to use
v, [--variable=VARIABLE]                             # override convention and specify the variable file to use
    [--change-set], [--no-change-set]                # Uses generated change set to update the stack.  If false, will perform normal update-stack.
                                                     # Default: true
    [--changeset-preview], [--no-changeset-preview]  # Show ChangeSet changes preview.
                                                     # Default: true
    [--codediff-preview], [--no-codediff-preview]    # Show codediff changes preview.
                                                     # Default: true
    [--param-preview], [--no-param-preview]          # Show parameter diff preview.
                                                     # Default: true
    [--wait], [--no-wait]                            # Wait for stack operation to complete.
                                                     # Default: true
    [--sure], [--no-sure]                            # Skip are you sure prompt
    [--verbose], [--no-verbose]                      
    [--noop], [--no-noop]                            

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