lono code import


lono code import SOURCE


Imports CloudFormation template and converts it to Ruby code.


lono code import path/to/file
lono code import http://example.com/url/to/template.yml
lono code import http://example.com/url/to/template.json
lono code import http://example.com/url/to/template.json --blueprint myblueprint

Example with Output

$ URL=https://s3.amazonaws.com/cloudformation-templates-us-east-1/EC2InstanceWithSecurityGroupSample.template
$ lono code import $URL --blueprint ec2
=> Creating new blueprint called ec2.
      create  blueprints/ec2
      create  blueprints/ec2/ec2.gemspec
      create  blueprints/ec2/.gitignore
      create  blueprints/ec2/.meta/config.yml
      create  blueprints/ec2/CHANGELOG.md
      create  blueprints/ec2/Gemfile
      create  blueprints/ec2/README.md
      create  blueprints/ec2/Rakefile
      create  blueprints/ec2/seed/configs.rb
      create  blueprints/ec2/app/templates
      create  blueprints/ec2/app/templates/ec2.rb
      create  configs/ec2/params/development.txt
      create  configs/ec2/params/production.txt
Congrats  You have successfully imported a lono blueprint.

More info: https://lono.cloud/docs/core/blueprints


[--blueprint=BLUEPRINT]                        # final blueprint name
[--casing=CASING]                              # Controls casing of logical ids. IE: as-is, camelcase or underscore
                                               # Default: as-is
[--summary], [--no-summary]                    # provide template summary after import
                                               # Default: true
[--template=TEMPLATE]                          # final template name of downloaded template without extension
[--template-name-casing=TEMPLATE_NAME_CASING]  # camelcase or dasherize the template name
                                               # Default: dasherize
[--type=TYPE]                                  # import as a DSL or ERB template
                                               # Default: dsl

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