lono generate


lono generate BLUEPRINT


Generate both CloudFormation templates and parameters files.

Generates CloudFormation template, parameter files, and scripts in lono project and writes them to the output folder.


lono generate BLUEPRINT
lono generate BLUEPRINT --clean
lono g BLUEPRINT --clean # shortcut

Example Output

$ lono generate ec2
Generating CloudFormation templates, parameters, and scripts
Generating CloudFormation templates:
Generating parameter files:


[--quiet], [--no-quiet]  # silence the output
[--clean], [--no-clean]  # remove all output files before generating
                         # Default: true
[--source=SOURCE]        # url or path to file with template
[--stack=STACK]          # stack name. defaults to blueprint name.
[--template=TEMPLATE]    # override convention and specify the template file to use
[--param=PARAM]          # override convention and specify the param file to use
[--variable=VARIABLE]    # override convention and specify the variable file to use

Runtime options:
-f, [--force]                    # Overwrite files that already exist
-p, [--pretend], [--no-pretend]  # Run but do not make any changes
-q, [--quiet], [--no-quiet]      # Suppress status output
-s, [--skip], [--no-skip]        # Skip files that already exist

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