lono user_data


lono user_data NAME


Generates user_data script for debugging.

Generates user_data scripts in app/user_data so you can see it for debugging. Let’s say you have a script in app/user_data/bootstrap.sh. To generate it:

lono user_data bootstrap

Example Output


#!/bin/bash -exu

<%= extract_scripts(to: "/opt") %>


Running lono user_data bootstrap produces:

$ lono user_data bootstrap
Detected app/scripts
Tarballing app/scripts folder to scripts.tgz
=> cd app && dot_clean .
=> cd app && tar -c scripts | gzip -n > scripts.tgz
Tarball created at output/scripts/scripts-93b8b29b.tgz
Generating user_data for 'bootstrap' at ./app/user_data/bootstrap.sh
#!/bin/bash -exu

# Generated from the lono extract_scripts helper.
# Downloads scripts from s3, extract them, and setup.
mkdir -p /opt
aws s3 cp s3://mybucket/path/to/folder/development/scripts/scripts-93b8b29b.tgz /opt/
cd /opt
tar zxf /opt/scripts-93b8b29b.tgz
chmod -R a+x /opt/scripts
chown -R ec2-user:ec2-user /opt/scripts



[--clean], [--no-clean]  # remove all output/user_data files before generating
                         # Default: true

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