Lono blueprints encapsulate the code used to build CloudFormation templates and infrastructure resources. Essentially, Lono blueprints packaged up the template in a organized and reusable way, keeping the code DRY. Blueprints are what you’ll mostly work with and can live in app/blueprints.

Basic Structure

The most basic blueprint structure simply has one file.

└── template.rb

The template.rb is what you’ll work with mostly.

Hopefully, that gives you a basic idea of a lono blueprint structure.

Blueprint Generator

To create a new blueprint you can use:

lono new blueprint demo

This creates a app/blueprints/demo folder in your lono project with a starter structure.

To list the project’s blueprints:

lono list


Blueprints can also be loaded with the Lonofile. Example:


blueprint "ec2", git: "boltopspro/ec2-blueprint"
blueprint "vpc", git: "boltopspro/vpc-blueprint"