Review Project

Let’s explore the generated app folder.

Demo Blueprint

Let’s check out the generated code.


parameter("BucketName", Conditional: true)
parameter("AccessControl", Default: "Private")

resource("Bucket", "AWS::S3::Bucket",
  BucketName: ref("BucketName", Conditional: true),
  AccessControl: ref("AccessControl"),

output("BucketName", ref("Bucket"))

You can see that the starter demo blueprint is written in a DSL. This demo blueprint creates a s3 bucket.

The Lono DSL closely resembles the CloudFormation Template anatomy sections. The DSL methods pretty much map one-to-one. Docs: Lono DSL Basics

Lono Method CloudFormation Section
parameter Parameters
resource Resources
output Outputs

One thing that may stand out is the Conditional option. This is a CloudFormation pattern that is common enough that lono has encapsulated it: Conditional Parameter. In short, it just uses AWS::NoValue as the value when the parameter is a blank string, BucketName in this case.

Next, we’ll build the CloudFormation template.