Blueprint Structure

Basic Structure

The most basic blueprint structure simply has one file.

└── template.rb

The template.rb is what you’ll work with mostly.

Hopefully, that gives you a basic idea of a lono blueprint structure.

Full Structure

Here’s the full Lono blueprint structure.

├── config
├── helpers
│   └── custom_helper.rb
├── seed
│   └── vars
│       ├── dev.rb
│       └── prod.rb
└── template.rb

All of the folders and files are optional. Just add them when needed.

Files and Folders

File / Folders Description
config Pre-defined config params and vars that ship with the blueprint. They can be overriden by user customizations in config/blueprints/BLUEPRINT/{params,vars}. See: Layering Basics.
helpers Define your custom helpers here. The custom helpers are available to templates, vars, and params. This is how you extend the Lono framwork as a first-class citizen. The helpers are scoped only to the specific blueprint and won’t interfere with other blueprints. Helpers are covered in detail in custom helpers.
seed/vars You can define files that the lono seed will use to generate starter vars files.
template.rb Where CloudFormation templates are defined. Refer to the DSL docs for the syntax. You can also define resources in within the template folder. Any file with the .rb extension within this folder is evaluated by the DSL.