Lono Stack and Bucket


There’s a lono stack that was created. What is the purpose of the lono stack?

The lono stack is an additional stack that lono creates. The stack creates a s3 bucket that is managed by lono. It spares you the need from creating the s3 bucket manually.

The bucket is used to upload the generated CloudFormation templates as part of a lono up. This allows you to have larger template sizes. See AWS CloudFormation Limits. Lono also uses the bucket to store App Files.

The stack and bucket lives outside your CloudFormation templates in its own standalone stack so it can be reused by other lono CloudFormation stacks. Hence the lono stack should be left alone. Termination Protection is enabled on the lono CloudFormation stack by default for safety.

Deleting the lono stack and bucket

To delete the lono stack, you must:

  1. Disable Termination Protection
  2. Empty the S3 bucket
  3. Delete the Stack

For convenience, you can also use the lono s3 delete command to perform all of these steps.