Updating Lono

To update lono, you’ll also need to update the pinned lono version in your Lono project’s Gemfile. It looks something like this.


gem "lono", '~> 8.0.0'

So to update lono to the next version can remove the version specificier '~> 8.0.0' entirely or update it to the version you wish. Then run:

bundle update lono

This generates a new Gemfile.lock that will pin a new lono version down. To confirm that the desired version of lono is being used:

bundle info lono

Updating Everything

If you want to update all dependencies. You can do that by running:

bundle update

This updates all gems defined in the Gemfile and still try to keep implied dependencies generally pinned.

Often, you want to update all gems, including implied dependencies, completely. Blow away the Gemfile.lock and run bundle update. Example:

rm -f Gemfile.lock
bundle update

This generates a brand new Gemfile.lock. To see what versions are used:

bundle list