The Lonofile allows you to manage and reuse lono components like blueprints, configsets, and helpers. You centrally define, manage, and update them. Add them to Lonofile:


blueprint "ec2",   source: "boltops-tools/ec2-blueprint"
configset "httpd", source: "boltops-tools/httpd-configset"
helper    "ec2",   source: "boltops-tools/ec2-helper"


To install the components, run:

$ lono bundle
Exporting vendor/blueprints/ec2
Exporting vendor/configsets/httpd
Exporting vendor/helpers/ec2

Components are downloaded to your vendor/blueprints, vendor/configsets, vendor/helpers folders. The components in vendor is sourced same way as if they were defined in app. This is because Lono considers multiple lookup paths. Docs: Lookup Paths


A Lonofile.lock file is also generated. This file can be committed to version control to ensure that everyone on the team uses the exact same version.