Boot Hooks

If you need to hook into the Lono boot process super-early on, Lono boot hooks are designed for that.

  • They run very early in the Lono boot process.
  • They are useful for setting shared global values like env vars.
  • Boot hooks are ruby files that get required. It’s nice and simple. There’s no interface to learn.


Lono will searches 2 files in the config folder. If the files exist, they will be ran in this order.

  1. config/boot.rb: Always runs.
  2. config/boot/LONO_ENV.rb: Runs based on the env. IE: LONO_ENV=dev => config/boot/dev.rb

Both files are required and ran if they both exists. Since the LONO_ENV one runs second, it can be used to override previously set values.

Example: Default LONO_ENV

If you prefer a different default than LONO_ENV=dev.


ENV['LONO_ENV'] ||= 'prod'

This changes the default for everyone using the project, but still allows them to control the default by adding export LONO_ENV=dev to their ~/.bash_profile.

Example: Auto-Switch AWS_PROFILE

One useful example is switching AWS_PROFILE based on the LONO_ENV. Example:


ENV['AWS_PROFILE'] = 'dev'

This example is for AWS_PROFILE, but you can can do similiar switch logic with other env vars, etc.

Boot Source

Please refer to the boot source code for more details: lono/booter.rb