Gem Installation

To install lono via RubyGems.

gem install lono --prerelease

This will install a lono v8 rc version.

Ruby 3.0 and above is recommended.

The nice thing about this installation method is that is the standard way to install Ruby libraries and gems. It integrates with your existing Ruby installation. And you have the most control over the installation.

If you’re looking for Ruby installation help: Ruby Install docs.


To update lono, update project’s Gemfile and use bundler. Update:


source ""
gem "lono", '~> 8.0.0' # <= UPDATE THIS LINE

Then run:

bundle update

Bundler will update lono and other dependencies to the latest.


With a gem install, it’s recommended to generate a shim so you don’t have to remember to type bundle exec when running lono within the Lono project folder.