Next Steps

You’ve seen how to get started with Lono. You can also check out the Docs to learn more:

  • Intro: Review Lono intro features.

Lono Features

  • DSL: Build templates with beautiful code.
  • Plan: A Plan or Preview CloudFormation changes before pressing the big red button.
  • Layering: Allows you to build multiple environments like dev and prod with the same template.
  • Parameters: Write parameters with simple env-like files.
  • Variables: Compile down different templates when runtime Parameters do not suffice.
  • Helpers: Extend Lono and simplify code like a first-class citizen.
  • Configsets: Configuration Management. Configure EC2 instances with reuseable code.
  • DRY: Do not repeat yourself. Reuse blueprints.
  • Lonofile: Centrally manage blueprints.